HOLZKLOTZ Dripstand S GOLD(1~2cups)

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Daily Relaxation-Hand Drip Coffee

Drip Stand S Gold Set

for 1~2cups


The charm of hand drip is the relaxation that can be enjoyed even for a moment.

Boil water to get out of your busy life for a while, 

Pour water while focusing on the coffee in the paper filter. 

Have a time full of analog sensibility!



What's in the box?

dripstand S Gold 1ea.

A27 dripper(1~2cups) 1ea.

Drip server 500ml 1ea.

Silicone coaster 1ea.

User manual.




#Gold, S gold, mini size comparison






Refreshing coffee taste!  Hand drip is ?


Hand drip is a method of extracting coffee using a paper filter. The fat components of the coffee are filtered through the filter, so you can enjoy a clean coffee.

For those who are new to hand drip, the hand drip method is complicated and there are various methods depending on the dripper, so there are many cases that it is not easy to access and it is too difficult. They also give up hand drips and experience tasteless coffee through improper brewing methods.

If you drip by following a few basic rules, we will help anyone enjoy drip coffee easily.



The  beauty of gold !


All brass parts of HOLZKLOTZ are made with 18K gold plating. When we first launched our product in 2015, we launched a product that consists entirely of brass itself. However, brass has the property of being easily discolored by the external environment.

When wet weather or water droplets splashed, it quickly turned dark.

HOLZKLOTZ's plating method is gold plating using real gold, an expensive processing technique. Substitute gold (new cast) plating is inexpensive, but the gloss is not at all luxurious and it is easily discolored. 

#Gold plating may change color if stored without removing moisture or moisture immediately after use, so wipe it off with a dry cloth immediately after use.



Various position adjustment teeth

Stand available 


The line drip stand  can be adjusted in various positions by adjusting 3 brass bars and 4 bolts . There are 5 holes in the column to fix the vertical long column more sturdily, and it is fixed only at this part.

The distance between one hole is about 3cm, and you can use it by moving one space depending on the purpose.

Before extraction, always check that the 4 bolts are tightly locked before use.




North American Walnut with

Made wood support


The base of the drip stand is black walnut, which is widely used in high-end furniture. Walnut, a solid hardwood, is resistant to moisture and has a luxurious color that is the best match for brass.


Of the most ideal line

HOLZKLOTZ  Drip Server


Drip Stand S Gold and HOLZKLOTZ drip server with the most ideal line. With a simple line, the capacity is marked from 100ml to 600ml in 50ml increments.

It is a glass server that can be used for various purposes other than dripping, making Dutch coffee or making iced tea or lemonade. Direct fire is not possible with heat-resistant glass, and hot water can be poured directly into it or it can be used in a microwave oven. 


Size / Height approx. 100(mm)
Material / Heat-resistant glass



HOLZKLOTZ A27 dripper is?

The dripper used for hand dripping has an embossed protruding part called a rib inside the dripper depending on the type of dripper. Depending on the shape of this rib, there are various shapes such as straight or spiral.

If there is no rib, the filter and the dripper are in close contact and the coffee cannot be brewed normally. Depending on the shape of the rib, the extraction speed will be different and the coffee taste will be different.

The A27's rib focuses on finding an appropriate extraction speed through 3d modeling and 3d printing .

And  A27 through trial and error dripper several times in the rare old porcelain dripper thin dripper thicknessdeuripeo byminimizing weight by reduced that ruggedness and inconvenience of porcelain dripper, porcelain dripper a drip when compared to glass dripper or plastic dripper preheating process We solved the shortcomings of taking longer.



It is thin and light, so it does not require preheating.

A27 Dripper

-Light weight with thin dripper, faster preheating and less heat loss compared to existing porcelain drippers

-Sweet taste is better expressed than acidity

-Appropriately textured body than heavy

-Extracted to match the overall balance

-Expressed in a taste that beginners can drink stably without failure


A27 of the surface of the dripper 

Is the rib mark bad?

The A27 Dripper is a porcelain dripper that is made from soil, not plastic, and is baked in a kiln twice after several times of manual work.

The arrow rib marks on the surface of the dripper  disappear when the ceramic is made thick, but it is a shape created by making the dripper as thin as possible, and it is a natural shape that occurs as the ceramic shrinks during the manufacturing process. 

Exchanges or returns due to this are difficult, so please refer to them before purchase.


Safe  A27 Dripper & Glass Server

A27 dripper and glass server are quality control for heavy metals, etc. through test analysis by Korea Ceramic Technology Institute.



Handmade  leather handle

A leather handle that brings emotion to the drip stand! Without using a sewing machine, the entire process from cutting is done by hand. 

It is hand-stitched carefully , using natural vegetable leather from Italy and the finest French lincable linen thread used to make luxury bags  .

Vegetable cowhide is a product that is processed in a traditional and eco-friendly way with tannins extracted from plants without processing it with chemical components when processing leather)




Non-slip  silicone coaster


This is a 1mm thick non-slip silicone coaster manufactured by Holtz-Klotz. If you use it under the server when dripping, it protects the wood support, and if you place it on a tray that does not have a non-slip function, it has a non-slip function and does not slip. It can also be used as a coaster when placing hot tea, etc. 


Size / diameter 10cm, shipped in brown color


*Please refer to before purchase. 


-The wooden base is finished with natural oil. When using, place a coaster or cloth under the server before use.

 Due to the nature of wood, a material bureau may be generated by a hot glass server.

-Metal parts made of brass may be scratched or scratched during the manufacturing process due to the characteristics of brass.

-Drippers and glass servers may contain some scratches or air bubbles during the manufacturing process due to the nature of glass products.


The A27 Dripper is not a defect because it is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the process of manufacturing by hand.


Drip stand: brass + gold plating,

Wooden base: North American walnut, natural oil finish

A27 Dipper: Porcelain, glazed finish

500ml Glass Server: Heat-resistant glass


Drip stand: height approx.270(mm), base 120x170x18(mm)

Dripper mounting ring inner diameter 75(mm) ring outer diameter 85(mm)

A27 Dipper: 110x80 (mm)

Country of manufacture

Line tray S gold,  dripper A27 (Made in Korea)

500ml glass server (China OEM)

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Product HOLZKLOTZ Dripstand S GOLD(1~2cups)
Price $118.00
Discounted Price $85.00 ($33.00 discount)
수량 수량증가수량감소



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