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Hand drip is a method of extracting coffee using a paper filter. The fat components of the coffee are filtered through the filter, so you can enjoy a clean coffee.

Dripper A27 will help anyone to enjoy drip coffee easily if they drip by following only a few basic rules.



What's in the box?

A27 dripper(selected size) 1ea.

Dripper holder(selected one) 1ea.

User manual.


HOLZKLOTZ Amber Holder 

HOLZKLOTZ amber holder   features a transparent amber color on a high-gloss surface !

HOLZKLOTZ amber holders are not hollow products like general plastic products. 

It was produced by making a mold from a single lump and then injection .

It was almost impossible to inject a 16mm thick holder into a barrel, but for the quality of the product.

It took about 6 months for several mold modifications and  sample tests. 

As the finished amber holder is made of a barrel, the weight is heavier than the wood holder, so it stably supports the dripper.

#The holder surface is treated with UV coating to prevent scratches. Air bubbles may occur on the surface during the coating process, so please refer to it when purchasing.

#When cleaning the holder, remove only the silicone packing on the back side, wash it, and dry it before use. 

If you remove the silicone packing on the back of the holder, there is a mark that occurs during injection, but there is no problem in use. 

#The amber holder is manufactured by injection molding, so there may be scratches or injection marks that occur during the manufacturing process.


HOLZKLOTZ Walnut Wood Holder 

HOLZKLOTZ Walnut Wood Holder is a wood holder made by carving out walnuts from North America!

HOLZKLOTZ Wood Holders are made of walnuts from North America, cut into barrels, and finished with natural oil. 

On the side of the holder, there is a decoration made of brass used for the button tray.

In the lower part of the holder, there is a packing made of silicone that is harmless to the human body to protect the tree from moisture from the server.





HOLZKLOTZ A27 dripper is?

The dripper used for hand dripping has an embossed protruding part called a rib inside the dripper depending on the type of dripper. Depending on the shape of this rib, there are various shapes such as straight or spiral.

If there is no rib, the filter and the dripper are in close contact and the coffee cannot be brewed normally. Depending on the shape of the rib, the extraction speed will be different and the coffee taste will be different.

The A27's rib focuses on finding an appropriate extraction speed through 3d modeling and 3d printing .

And  A27 through trial and error dripper several times in the rare old porcelain dripper thin dripper thicknessdeuripeo byminimizing weight by reduced that ruggedness and inconvenience of porcelain dripper, porcelain dripper a drip when compared to glass dripper or plastic dripper preheating process We solved the shortcomings of taking longer.


It is thin and light, so it does not require preheating.

A27 Dripper

-Light weight with thin dripper, faster preheating and less heat loss compared to existing porcelain drippers

-Sweet taste is better expressed than acidity

-Appropriately textured body than heavy

-Extracted to match the overall balance

-Expressed in a taste that beginners can drink stably without failure


A27 of the surface of the dripper 

Is the rib mark bad?

The A27 Dripper is a porcelain dripper that is made from soil, not plastic, and is baked in a kiln twice after several times of manual work.

The arrow rib marks on the surface of the dripper  disappear when the ceramic is made thick, but it is a shape created by making the dripper as thin as possible, and it is a natural shape that occurs as the ceramic shrinks during the manufacturing process. 

Exchanges or returns due to this are difficult, so please refer to them before purchase.


Safe  A27 Dripper & Glass Server

A27 dripper and glass server are quality control for heavy metals, etc. through test analysis by Korea Ceramic Technology Institute.


Add the emotion of hand drip

Dripper holder

It is a holder that fixes the dripper A27 to the server.

It is made from whole North American walnuts and finished with natural oil. On the side of the holder, there is a decoration made of brass used for the button tray. In the lower part of the holder, there is a packing made of silicone that is harmless to the human body to protect the tree from moisture from the server.

When cleaning the holder, just remove the packing, wash it, dry it, and then insert it into the wood holder and store it. Since wood is vulnerable to water or moisture, it is not recommended to wash it with water directly. Wipe it dry with a damp cloth before use.

It is good to apply grapeseed oil, which you use at home occasionally, on the wood part, then wipe it dry with a cotton cloth after about 10 minutes.

Amber holder is a high-gloss product, and if you wipe it with a scrubber or cotton cloth, fine scratches can easily occur. Wash it with water and dry it as much as possible.

Please purchase carefully as it cannot be exchanged or returned due to scratches during use.

Precautions when using the holder

-Since the wood holder is made of wood, it can be deformed by heat or moisture, so it can be used for a long time if you pay more attention to it.

-The silicone of the wood holder protects the tree from moisture when dripping. When cleaning the wood holder, remove only the silicone, wash it, and then dry it before inserting it.

-The wood holder and wood scoop are finished with natural oil only, so do not immerse them in water or use them in a dishwasher.

-Apply grapeseed oil from time to time and wipe it clean with a cotton cloth after about 10 minutes.

-After dripping, do not put the wood holder on the server with coffee, but keep it in a dry place.




Of the most ideal line


This is the ideal line of HOLZKLOTZ drip server with A27 dripper. With a simple line, 1~2cups capacity is displayed in 50ml increments from 100ml to 500ml, and 3~4cups capacity is 100ml to 600ml in 50ml increments.

It is a glass server that can be used for various purposes other than dripping, making Dutch coffee or making iced tea or lemonade. Direct fire is not possible with heat-resistant glass, and hot water can be poured directly into it or it can be used in a microwave oven.










*Please refer to before purchase. 

-The wood part is finished with natural oil. Use  by the nature of the hot water in the tree, it saenggilsu water marks.

-Metal parts made of brass may be scratched or scratched during the manufacturing process due to the characteristics of brass.

-Drippers and glass servers may contain some scratches or air bubbles during the manufacturing process due to the nature of glass products.


The A27 Dipper is not a defect because it is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the process of manufacturing by hand.


A27 Dipper: Ceramics (Glossy glaze finish), 

Amber Holder (PC), Wood Holder ( North American Walnut, Natural Oil Finish) Silicone Packing

Drip server: heat-resistant glass

Country of manufacture

A27 dripper, dripper holder,  ( Made in Korea )

Glass server(China OEM)

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Product HOLZKLOTZ A27 Dripper SET
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