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Holzklotz's  Driffer A27 helps secure extraction to help anyone enjoy their drip coffee without the need for complicated theory or practice. Twenty-seven protruding ribs of A shape give the right extraction speed, are more subtle than sour taste, and the overall balance makes the beginner to enjoy coffee without fail!

-Basic configuration-

Dripper A27, Wood holder, Wood scoop 10g, Glass server SET, Hario filter V02(100ea)






Dripper A27: Ceramic, 

Wood holder, Wood scoop:  NORTH AMERICAN WALNUT(uncoated natural oil), silicon

Hand drip?

Hand drip is paper filters to extract coffee, which are added to the filter with the fat content of the coffee.

First-time hand drip is often thought to be too difficult and difficult to access due to the complexity of hand drip methods and different methods of dripper.

They also experience poor coffee and abandon hand drip. Dripper A27 works with a few basic rules to make it easy for anyone to get a drip.

What about Dripper A27?

The dripper used in hand drip has a raised protrusion, called ribs, inside the dripper, depending on the type of dripper.

Depending on the shape of the ribs, there are several types : flat or spiral. Without the ribs, the filter and the dripper will stick together to prevent normal extraction of coffee. Different types of ribs offer different extraction speeds and different flavors.

Dripper A27 Features

- The sweetness is more subtle than the sour taste

- Moderate texture rather than weight

- Extract for overall balance

- Print any coffee that beginners can choose without fail

The ribs on the A27 focused on finding the ultimate extraction speed through multiple trials and errors, such as 3D modeling and 3D printing. And with a thin dripper thickness that we wouldn't see in our traditional ceramic dripper, we minimized the dripper weight, reducing the roughness and discomfort of the ceramic dripper.

In the case of a black coloured dripper, if the glaze was only black, the heel of the floor was white as no glaze was applied, and to compensate, the soil itself was colored to the base.

Wood Holder

Wood holder for securing Dripper A27 with servers.

Walnut from North America was made by cutting it into a barrel and finishing it with German natural oil. On the side of the holder are brass fittings for the button tray. Below the holder is a packing made of biocompatible silicon to protect the wood from the moisture rising from the server.

When cleaning the holder, remove the packing, wash it, dry it, and store it in the Ood Holder. Because trees are susceptible to water or moisture, direct washing is not recommended ; wipe and dry with a damp cloth.

Apply domestic grape seed oil to the wood from time to time and wipe it clean with the main stream about 10 minutes later and dry it.

Wood scoop

One of the key things in hand drip is the amount of beans. Use 20g of drip per serving and measure with a scoop.

It was made by cutting a barrel of North American walnut and finishing in German natural oil.

Wood scoop is not recommended to wash directly in water, as it is not resistant to water or moisture, but brush with a damp cloth or brush to dry.

Apply domestic grape seed oil to the wood from time to time and wipe it clean with the main stream about 10 minutes later and dry it.

Guide on how to extract per person]

1. Fold the paper filter once and let it fit into the dryer.

2. Cool the boiled water down to about 94 degrees and spray it on the paper filter once to clean the smell of paper.

3. Grate coffee grounds about 20g of flower salt and place them on a filter.

4. Just add a couple of wheels of water to the point where the coffee powder gets wet. Pour just enough water under the dripper to prevent the coffee from being extracted. Cover with water and let it cool for about 30 seconds.

5. Start extraction. 

6. Finish extraction in less than 2 1/2 minutes.

7. If the fluid is extracted from the desired amount before the bubble falls, remove the dripper to finish the extraction.

- 20 grams of coffee beans to be taken to around 250ml. (Ratio around 1:12)

- For ice coffee, add about 100g of ice in the server, extract 150ml of beans and take it in ice mixture. (Use 1:7.5 ratio after sampling)

Precautions when using Dripper A27

- Woodholds are made of wood and can cause heat or humidity variations, so be more careful when using them for longer periods of time.

- Silicon from the Ood Holder protects trees from moisture in the event of drip. When cleaning the Ood Holder, remove the silicon, wash it, dry it, and insert it.

- The Ood holder and Ood scoop should not be immersed in water or used in a dishwasher, as they are only sealed with natural oil.

- Apply oil from time to time and clean off with your body in about 10 minutes.

- After drip, do not place the Ood Holder on a server containing coffee, but keep it in a dry place.

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Product Dripper A27 SET
Price $65.80
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